I'm trying to link a pdf to a parcel (see image: http://imgur.com/RbauB3v) where you click on one parcel and a specific pdf comes up and if you click on another then a different pdf comes up.

I've got it so far that if you click on a parcel it shows a pdf but the problem is that is shows the same pdf for every parcel!

Is there anyway I can assign it to just one parcel by lets say the objectid?

I'm having trouble setting the action so that it opens each parcel.

enter image description here


You need to add a text field in the parcel table. This field will contain the path to the PDF file, a different one for each parcel. Then you can set the action on this field to open the PDF file.

  • Hey thanks for the reply, any idea on how to properly set the path on the new field? And how would i set the action to the field? Sorry I'm pretty new to QGIS. – Emanuel A Jul 12 '15 at 22:35
  • 2
    The cmd / c "[% url %]" worked under actions, thanks guys! – Emanuel A Jul 13 '15 at 0:23

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