I have installed python 27 in one directory c:\program files\python27 and arcgis 10.2 in another directory c:\program files\arcgis, and within this folder there is c:\program files\arcgis\desktop10.2\arcpy. After opening up the arcgis map interface I can activate python IDLE and start using python commands.

But what if I want to use sublime text for arcpy instead?

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    I would advise using the Python distribution that is installed by default when you install ArcGIS. This way, all of the dependencies and versions will be correct (e.g. ArcGIS requires a specific numpy version). This should also solve your sublime text issue.
    – Aaron
    Commented Jul 12, 2015 at 18:46

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to second what Aaron said, unless you need additional modules beyond the distribution included with ArcGIS, it's likely simpler to stick with one. In either case, i don't see why you can't use sublime - or any text editor for that matter. After you save your script, simply open a command prompt (start -> cmd) and change directories to the location of your script cd myDirectory. Then use python myScript.py. This will at least run one version of python - which version may depend on which one was installed last. But, typing python and hitting enter should give some indication which version you are using (python, or the distribution that is included with arcGIS).

there are several posts, but perhaps starting here and perhaps another regarding how to install other python distributions and get them to work with arcpy.

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