I want to calculate "surface area in a basin with reference to incremental height of DAM"

i tried this:

step_size = 10 # metres; reduce this if you want finer resolution
num_steps = 20 # increase this, if you need more steps
workspace = r'C:\Some\path\to\folder'
raster_file = 'mytopo.tif'

gp = arcgisscripting.create()
gp.CheckOutExtension ('3D')
gp.workspace = workspace

# Start from the minimum elevation
min_rast = gp.GetRasterProperties(raster_file, 'MINIMUM')

# Start CSV output of elevation/volume relationship
print('step, height, elev, volume')
for step in range(num_steps):
    height = float(step*step_size)
    elev = min_rast + height
    gp.SurfaceVolume_3d(raster_file, '', 'BELOW', elev)
    result = gp.GetMessages()
    volume = float(re.findall(r'Volume= *([\d\.]+)', result)[0])
    print(', '.join([repr(x) for x in [step + 1, height, elev, volume]]))

Can you help me edit this code to get volume to get surface area?

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