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I have data looking like the following:

Latitude  Longitude  Class
35.773444  -78.6305752  0
38.82349688  -77.61919194  1
41.4985021  -81.7144364  1
39.9528  -75.2104  0

Longitude, latitude and classification columns. Attached is the simple map I have created in ArcGIS. But ultimately how I imagine to display the map includes the followings:

*** 1) States with more dots (red or green) will be enlarged in size comparing to States with less or no dots

*** 2) States with more green dots become more green, States with more red dots become more red

I have seen examples where the colors of each states are gradually different (for example: population size for each state), but the actual numbers (ie: State populations) are already recorded in the data file. As you can see in my original data file, it only has lat and lon data, I don't have numbers of dots per State in my data.

  • You can't change the size of the state polygons based on the number of points. Well you can, but that's called a cartogram and takes special scripting or tools. To make the states different colors or shades, you'd need to do a spatial join with a count method to figure out how many of each point were in each state. And likely twice, once for red and once for green. Then you'd need to create a bivariate map, since states have both red and green. I don't really understand your data (you've got x,y and 'class') so I can't suggest anything else.
    – Chris W
    Jul 18, 2015 at 20:33
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    – PolyGeo
    Sep 19, 2016 at 7:00