I followed this thread in order to clip .las data based off of a polygon shapefile. However I have over 100 .las files I need to clip based off of this polygon and merged into a single .lasd file and I would like to clip them all at once.

The FUSION manual says on page 114 that you can substitute a list of file names instead of a single .las file in order to run the command on a batch of files. I have created a text file list based off of the directory where the .las files are located but I get an error stating that no points fall within the polygon. When I run the command against a single file I do get valid output.

Here is my command:

C:\fusion\polyclipdata C:\_projects\LiDAR\WVC_boundary\WVC_boundary.shp C:\_projects\LiDAR\WVC.las E:\2013_LiDAR_Final\LAS_Final\LAS_StatePlaneFeet\tiles2.txt

Here is an example of my text file containing a list of the file names:

 Volume in drive E is PW_GIS
 Volume Serial Number is 74B7-6DCC

 Directory of E:\2013_LiDAR_Final\LAS_Final\LAS_StatePlaneFeet

07/15/2015  01:46 PM    <DIR>          .
07/15/2015  01:46 PM    <DIR>          ..
08/12/2014  02:46 PM       126,366,636 12TVK0400078000_SPC.LAS
08/12/2014  02:48 PM       209,419,456 12TVK0400079000_SPC.LAS


Can someone help me create a proper list of file names to be able to run this command against a collection of .las files?

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Oh, this is a DOS thing, not fusion... you want to use DIR /B to generate a list of just the file names (/b means brief). If you want the full paths use DIR /B/S - this will also search all sub directories.

To get a list of just the las files in the current directory into a text file:

DIR /B *.LAS > FileList.txt

(the > means redirect the output into a text file)

To get a list of all las files in the current directory (and all sub directories) with full paths:

DIR /B/S *.LAS > FileList.txt

The text file will be in the current directory but if you wish you can also redirect with a full path to the text file (eg DIR /B/S > C:\SOME\PATH\LIST.TXT)... to append an existing file use >> for example:

dir /b/s .\batch1\*.las > c:\some\path\list.txt
dir /b/s c:\other\path\*.las >> c:\some\path\list.txt

Creates/overwrites on the first command then appends on the second.

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    +1 dir /b/s *.las > filelist.txt is what I usually use to create a list of files for FUSION.
    – Aaron
    Commented Jul 16, 2015 at 13:18
  • created the file list using the /s flag and now it is working!
    – cbunn
    Commented Jul 16, 2015 at 13:49

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