I am fairly new to ArcPad in general and I am attempting to suppress the start with menu as seen in the attached photo. I have a script that is called in the event: onstartup, that loads the .APM I need. I find this menu unnecessary and have been looking for a solution via the APX in ArcPad Studio or via an object/keyword for that particular menu. I have searched geoNet, Stackexchange, and the ArcPad Dev Help but have come up short.

Has anyone had experience in suppressing this menu? or could point me in a more appropriate direction?

enter image description here

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In the ArcPadPrefs.apx file (in the My ArcPad folder) is a property called STARTUP. You can change the value for quickstart to set the startup behavior for ArcPad.

e.g. STARTUP quickstart="0" will show the quickstart menu.

Setting the value to -1 will disable the quickstart menu.

I hope this helps,



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