How would I use the RasterData class in com.esri.tasks.supportClasses for ArcGIS API for Flex? I haven't found any documentation for it outside the API and that doesn't give much info either. Could I construct a RasterData object and use it as a workaround for the limitations imposed upon a client's input parameters for a geoprocessor request to ArcGIS Server? For example,

var rasterOne:RasterData = new RasterData();
rasterOne.url = "http://example.com/rasterOne.tif";
rasterOne.format = tif;

var params:Object = new Object();
params.Input_Raster = rasterOne;

var gp:Geoprocessor = new Geoprocessor();
gp.url = "http://example.com/arcgis/rest/services/GPServer/ExampleGP";

Assume that the GPService has one input parameter, a raster, and does a simple reclassify. Would this work, and would I even be able to publish the GP service with a raster as the input?


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