I am currently working on a 3D mapping project. And I have created some KML files from ArcGIS Online, and I have edited them in Google Earth to adjust the 3D attributes. I am also designing a webpage with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to display the results with 3D features. I have brought in the Google Earth API, and it properly displays what I want it to, but it is also very tricky to get anything to work in terms of creating functions to interact with those layers, rather I am just left to embedding them in the API. I know that this type of stuff is doable with ArcGIS Online and the scenes provided there, but I am also running into a lot of difficulty with uploading the layers/scenes from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online, and I would like to be able to have mroe control over what capabilities I am putting in there (which using JS API helps me to accomplish).

I really would like to stick to ArcGIS rather than Google, as I have more experience with using the ArcGIS JS API, and I was wondering if there is a 3D equivalent to ArcGIS JS API currently available, I have not been able to find anything yet, but I may be overlooking something out there, or searching for the wrong things.

Please help!


you're in luck. the beta version of the 4.0 ArcGIS API for JavaScript includes 3D support and was released on July 16th.



I would recommend looking into Cesium: http://cesiumjs.org/

I have been using it for quite a while and found it to be a great 3D solution. It is open source and provides for additional things like 3D terrain, vector graphics, billboards and 3D models.


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