I'm customizing the cmv viewer to works with my services. I have service that have 3 layer (0,1,2) and is a dynamic map service layer. It's possible to set only one layer to show?

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If you want to only allow the user to choose one layer, for example layer id 1, I think you will want to use the Image Parameters class.

Create a function in your config file (viewer.js)

// Allows user to hide layers in Dynamic map service
function buildImageParameters (config) {
   var ip = new ImageParameters();
   for (var key in config) {
       if (config.hasOwnProperty(key)) {
           ip[key] = config[key];
   return ip;

And in your dynamic layer options:

imageParameters: buildImageParameters({
               format: 'png32',
               layerIds: [1],
               layerOption:  ImageParameters.LAYER_OPTION_EXCLUDE

This will allow you to only show one layer in the app from that service.

Details Here

Or modify cmv to allow this directly

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