Is there a way to figure out if every tile of an ol.source.TileWMS is loaded?

My attempt so far is the following:

var tileColl = new ol.Collection()
tileColl.on('change:length, function(e){
     if(e.target.getLength === 0){
tileWms.on('tileloadstart, function(e){
tileWms.on('tileloadend, function(e){

Unfortunately, this fails because sometimes all tiles in the list are loaded before all tileloadstart-Events are fired -eventually the collection becomes empty. (Probably because the number of request send by the browser is limited)

I removed all interactions, so the user cannot move the view. I know I can solve the problem by using (for example) ol.source.ImageWMS but I prefer using ol.source.TileWMS because it has some visible progress when the tiles are loading.

Some ideas I had but could not make them work: Calculate the number of tiles that are to load, Figuring out the last tile which is to load.

Is there way to achieve this?

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I guess I found a solution to get the number of tiles that are to load. I hope this is reliable.

var tg= (_tileWMS.getTileGrid()) ? ol.tilegrid.getForProjection(_view.getProjection()) : _tileWMS.getTileGrid(); //if you do not use default tileGrid var z = tg.getZForResolution(_view.getResolution()); var tileRange=tg.getTileRangeForExtentAndZ(_view.calculateExtent(_map.getSize()),z); var xTiles = tileRange['maxX']-tileRange['minX'] +1; var yTiles = tileRange['maxY']-tileRange['minY'] +1; _tilesToLoad = xTiles*yTiles;

Note that some of the used functions are not part of the documentation, so they might change them in a future release without any further hint.

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    It looks like the API did indeed change and break this method in v4 - this doesn't work in v4.6.5. Commented Jan 29, 2019 at 2:04

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