I am creating a map with traffic signals in a city.

Creating a point layer and adding my symbols as SVG mark is appropriate for 90%. But some signals explain alternativ routes used during events. These are not legible anymore when size is small enough to fit the map.

That's why I'd like to create a line between the point and the picture, similar as it is possible with labels. This would allow me to place these signals more outside and in a reasonable size.

Any ideas?

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Could you use the Easy Custom Label plugin and and draw an empty label with an SVG background for this? So;

  1. Give the difficult features their own layer.
  2. Install the plugin and create an easy label layer with it
  3. Make the label blank i.e. ' '
  4. On background choose draw background , choose SVG and the appropriate SVG symbol (Note: I had to change the blending mode to make this work)
  5. Move the label and the line is drawn automatically by the plugin

I tried this and got maybe 80% toward your solution. (But that was as i was working with dummy data)

Looks like: labels as image

  • you're awesome! This is it! But I will use this instead of the easy custom label plugin: sigsemgrilhetas.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/… this will not create another label with is not connected to the database.
    – kevkev
    Commented Jul 27, 2015 at 7:06

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