I am new to ArcGIS and facing a problem in calling a script tool from a model.

I have the following file structure:

  • E:\MyFolder
    • MyToolbox.tbx
      • ScriptTool
      • Model
    • Scripts
      • myscript.py

The ScriptTool uses 'E:\Scripts\myscript.py' as the script file and is configured to use relative path. Hence, even if I move MyFolder from E:\ to D:\ , the ScriptTool is able to find myscript.py and it executes successfully.

Also the ScriptTool is added to the Model. The Model works fine if MyFolder is in E:\ but if I move MyFolder to D:\ , the Model cannot run as it is not able to find the ScriptTool.

Please help me by suggesting how I can add the ScriptTool to the Model such that the model uses relative paths to the script tool.


This is an old and long document from the 9.3 Help solved my problem.

On right clicking the model and opening the properties, there was the option to use relative paths.

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