I'm using TerraScan on top of Microstation V8i and I am setting up hotkeys for frequently used commands. I can't find any documentation about the keyins for the Google Earth toolbar, specifically to link the Synchronize GE View button to a specific view (View 1). I know the keyin for this tool is:

googleearth synch

I have followed some keyins with "selview1" or just the number 1 for View 1. Such as:

move up;selview 1 
View Previous 1

Does anyone know the keyin to apply the synch google earth to a specific view?


I too am trying to figure this out, the best I've come up with is toggling the view off and on before synchronizing. So my key-in for syncing view 1 is: view toggle 1;view toggle 1;googleearth synch

this would work too: view off 1;view on 1;googleearth synch

  • This works well. Cheers! – Barbarossa Oct 27 '15 at 16:12

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