I want to edit the elevation/z values of certain zones on a raster in ArcMap. I followed this example by creating a polygon, assigning a value of 7.5, then converting the polygon to a raster, finally using the raster calculator to create a new layer: Manually edit a raster to improve a classification?

However, after using the raster calculator I was left with a raster containing the values of the polygons only, with the remaining values from my original raster as 'nodata'.

  • Exactly what formula did you use in the raster calculator? Does your polygon raster match extent/resolution to your original raster? Are they using the same coordinate system? Also note we have several questions on replacing values in one raster with values from another - see gis.stackexchange.com/…
    – Chris W
    Jul 25, 2015 at 17:24

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I solved this by creating a second polygon around the entire raster extent, to which I assigned a value of zero. Previously, the shapefile only contained a single polygon, hence the cells outside of it had no value. Thus, the new shapefile and raster contain a value of 7.5 at the polygon and 0 elsewhere.

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