I am looking for the st_dwithin postgis source code. I want to learn the way postgis determines whether a given geometry is within a given radius to another geometry.


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One of the best place to search and explore source code for PostGIS is through the GitHub mirror:


For instance, search ST_DWithin, where you will then search LWGEOM_dwithin, then lwgeom_mindistance2d_tolerance, then lw_dist2d_comp, then lw_dist2d_recursive, and then different versions of lw_dist2d_distribute* functions ...

You can also explore the Doxygen documents for a high-level view of the liblwgeom library, which is part of PostGIS. E.g. for measures.c, which is used by ST_DWithin:

http://postgis.net/docs/doxygen/2.1/d1/dbf/measures_8c.html measures.c

Here's how lwgeom_mindistance2d_tolerance connects with the other components: lwgeom_mindistance2d_tolerance

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