I generated polygons using fishnet in ArcMap, since the polygons didn't fall exactly on top of my raster image, I had to edit and move some of them. Now the FID of my polygons are all messed up, and are not in the order that I want them to be (I want them to start from top right and end at the bottom left).

I tried calculating the centroid of the polygons and sort them based on that, but it doesn't work since not all the polygons are in line. I attach a picture.Polygons extracted from Fishnet and edited

  • FID cannot be edited. That is controlled by the software. On edit it re-arranges the FID (retires splits and updates) and (creates new for both or all splits) you should use another field to do a join. Which you should also edit your question to be more clear. I am just guessing that you want to do a join. (I been down that road). – Brad Nesom Jul 27 '15 at 21:35

You can try the Sort Tool. It can be used to sort by attribute, or more importantly for you, spatially. It allows you to pick which corner (i.e. upper right) to give priority when sorting.

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