Even though I specify specific files for output, there are still a lot of temporary data being written to C:\Users\me\AppData\etc

My C drive is a very limited capacity SSD and it's driving me nuts that I can't tell where QGIS to go for ALL temporary data.

Maybe there's a configuration file (python, etc) that I can change this value assuming there's no dialog box in the UI to do that? Has anyone successfully changed this?

I already changed the option in Processing->Options but that's the "default" directory for writing out files, not for temporary data.


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In Settings -> Options -> System of QGIS, you will be able to see the read only current environment variables of your system; precisely the folder where your temporary data are being written (see next image).

enter image description here

You can edit the path of these folders by using the Control Panel of Windows (filtering by env at the browser); see next image.

enter image description here


Some QGIS installers have this option in advanced section to install this Local Package Directory; as it can be observed in following image:

enter image description here

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