I followed this link and it worked for me..


I can serve tiles locally but running it and by just typing the link like for instance - localhost/osm_tiles/0/0/0.png and it gives me an image with a particular zoom level, x and y axis.

Now I have this advanced localized openstreet map example I saw.. http://openlayers.org/en/v3.2.1/examples/localized-openstreetmap.html which is of course an advanced custom tile server. Taking the tutorial I got from switch2osm, is it possible for me to create that same kind of tile server?

  • What exactly is your question? How to make a dynamic map viewer (->Openlayers or Leaflet) or how to make localized map tiles? Jul 30, 2015 at 11:01

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This example uses open cycle map tiles. So yes, you can create and use your own rendering styles.

In switch2osm.org tutorial related section is Stylesheet configuration. You could write mapnik style xml stylesheet or convert it from carto-css project.

This step actually converts carto-css to mapnik xml.

carto project.mml > OSMBright.xml

You could use base OSM style as an example. https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto

And here you could find how OpenCycleMap style looks like https://github.com/tclavier/mapnik

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