I used the CanVec symbology toolkit (described at Canvec Symbology in ArcGIS Desktop?) to symbolize all the downloaded data but now I am wanting to downland and import labels or a procedure that I should follow for creating all necessary labels.

I have an add-on that I can use to import labels from another layer so ideally I would like to obtain a layer file that already has all the labels classes defined and properly symbolized.


There is a CONCISCODE field in the NAMED FEATURES POINT feature class. The codes are described on page 15 of this document but I have not been able to find a look-up table.

This replaces the legacy NTDB classes (Hydrography, Place, Shoreline, Relief, Transport, Unknown)

This is not really a answer to the specific question but once I can create the various label classes I will be able to re-use the layer and re-import the labels to other layers as needed.

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