I'm on IIS 7, running GeoServer I cannot get GeoServer to work on https and looking for any insight on how to get this to work:

Our website and GeoServer are on same domain

Our website is on https, port 443 w/ certificate installed
GeoServer is on http, port 8080

When a customer views our website they get a insecure content error message because we are pulling tiles from GeoServer over http and not https (http://mymapapp.com:8080/geoserver/)

I'm on IIS 7, running GeoServer through Jetty.

Does anyone know what are steps to configure GeoServer to work on https and still be on the same domain?

  • Did you fixed it ? I have the same problem ! – Hippipers Oct 25 '16 at 11:58

As commented by @bugmenot123, they:

have no idea about Jetty or IIS [but] would probably put a reverse proxy in front of it, so that eg /geoserver/ gets handled by localhost:8080 internally. That way you would have just one HTTPS server as "front-end". Quick search suggests that you can configure IIS as reverse proxy.

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