Using Leaflet: How do I get it to display one popup based on a condition. See below.

    var layerOrder=new Array();
    function pop_thunder(feature, layer) {                  

    if (feature.properties.CODE = 0) {

    var popupContent = feature.properties.html1_exp;
    else {
    var popupContent = feature.properties.html_exp;

You can use the onEachFeature option of the GeoJSON layer to append the popups to each feature. And you can switch the popup contents inside of the onEachFeature function.

I made an example on jsfiddle that you can use to see how it works.

As you can see, the example displays a GeoJSON Layer with three markers on the map, two makers are cities with code of 0, and they use the texts from the "description" field in the popup window; and the third marker is a national park with code of 1, and it uses the the texts from the "description1" field in the popoup window.

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  • Would I need to code each feature in the collection? I have hundreds of features. I also do not have markers right now, although I am considering changing it so that only features with the code of 1 have a marker on them. Thanks for the sample code this helps give me ideas on ways to proceed for a solution. @vanni-zhang – Tami Aug 5 '15 at 13:53

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