I have added the Raster support to my PostGIS database program. Now, I need to update all values in the raster (one band only) several times a day.

I have found and tested these two options

Both methods works fine with same results, speeds according to my tests seems also almost the same (but I may have done some errors there).

What is a better way from those twos, or is there some third option?


I think using ST_SetValues is better. The reason is the wkb structure of raster may change in future version so your code may break at that point. ST_SetValues since its a user facing function will always be updated to be inline with internal structure.

Also forgot to add -- that's an old ancient doxygen link when raster was separated (and www.postgis.org is not in use anymore) . raster doxygen is now part of core postgis doxygen so use this instead:


Most up to date doxygen links are here: http://postgis.net/development

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  • Thank you... And if I "neglect" the point, that WKB may change, should I use WKB? – Martin Perry Aug 1 '15 at 17:18
  • I would say whichever is faster and/or easiest to write. If they are close I would go with easiest to write. – LR1234567 Aug 2 '15 at 2:09

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