I want to tile one large las tile into a few minor. But I just can't get it done.

My original las file have around 30 million points and I want to get 6 smaller las files with 5 million points in each.

What is that I don't know what exactly to put into "tile size" line.

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Let's assume the 30 million points in the LiDAR cloud has a point density equal 10 points per square meter (m²), and therefore, the area of interest is of size 3 million m².
Here are some references to help you finding the point density: 1, 2, 3.

Now, for the sake of simplification let's assume the area of interest has a squared shape. This is because the lastile tool uses a square tiling approach (the reasons for this are provided in the link above).

Then, if you want the original las file to be splitted in 6 smaller ones, each tile will have area equal to 3 million m² / 6 = 500 thousand m².

That means the dimensions of each tile are approximate 707 m x 707 m (square root of 500 k m² = 707.1067812 m).

Finally, the command-line parametrization would be:

lastile -i input_file.las -o output_file.laa -tile_size 707

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