I use ArcMap to produce map document containing a lot of label boxes with line callout. Sometimes, I have so many labels that leaders come very matted. Then I use Illustrator to unravel.

enter image description here

How could I tune Maplex to arrange that? Is it possible to prevent leaders from superposing labels?

Unfortunately I can't reduce the size of boxes (graphic charter) neither its content. And I need the data exhaustivity.

Here are my Maplex parameters:

  • View unplaced labels

  • Placement quality to best

  • The red, gray and black lines label weight ranking to 1000

  • Leader tolerance = 0

  • Regular placement

  • Label offset = 15 mm with secondary offset between 15 mm and 200 mm

  • Label buffer to 0%

  • Background label and 'Never remove' options unchecked

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