I want to develop a standalone application and add the default digitizing and advanced digitizing tools in QGIS as-is on my application through PyQGIS.

Is it similar the way you add the navigation tools (like Pan Zoom In and Out..)?

What do you suggest?

I am a beginner to PyQGIS.

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  • Please form one single question and include what you have tried. What type of answer you are looking for. j(i.e. just a little help or write it for me please) – Brad Nesom Aug 3 '15 at 16:02
  • Ok Brad. Just a beginner here. I have set up Eclipse and I am developing a QGIS external application. I will want most of the QGIS as they are, while I will have to add my own. I was able to add the navigation tools using MapTool from QGIS. I was wondering if it is possible to add the split feature, add feature, node tools from QGIS digitizing toolbar. – Papios Aug 4 '15 at 10:34

I suggest you to follow another approach. You can customize the QGIS-GUI and even create a QGIS installer to distribute your customized QGIS. The QGIS-GUI customization was well explained by Tim Sutton in http://linfiniti.com/2011/07/customizing-the-qgis-ui/ You would just need to enable the tools you want (i.e., digitizing and advanced digitizing tools) and disable the rest.

Customized QGIS, by Tim Sutton.

If you go for Python you would need to replicate (develop) each tool's behavior, because not all QGIS tools are provided as PyQGIS classes, so it would require a lot of effort and time from your side.

  • Thanks. I wanted to develop a work flow based QGIS application, and for that I will require an external application. I think replicating the tool's behavior from C++ to Python is the only choice I can think of. – Papios Aug 4 '15 at 10:19

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