I´ve read this article about geoservers pointStacker transformation: http://suite.opengeo.org/opengeo-docs/cartography/rt/pointstacker.html

Is this function implemented in geoserver css? If so can one provide a simple example?


GeoServer rendering functions are independent of the styling language used. For examples of function usage in CSS see this page. So something like (completely untested):

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  • Iant, it´s you again who comes to help. I´ve read the documentaion but haven´t read something like this. Are you the author of the css extension?Anyway I will give it a try and come back. Big thanks. – t Book Aug 5 '15 at 8:33
  • The link provided by Ian Turton appears to be broken. This is the new link – Olyster Apr 16 '18 at 18:50

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