I've installed Nominatim on CentOS 7 because I want to do some reverse geo-coding.

However, when I try to load the and create a Nominatim database with this command:

./utils/setup.php --osm-file /var/lib/pgsql/indiana-latest.osm.pbf --all --osm2pgsql-cache 4000 2>&1 | tee setup.log

I get the following error:

Create DB
Setup DB
createlang: language "plpgsql" is already installed in database     "nominatim"
ERROR:  function st_lineinterpolatepoint(geometry, double precision)  already exists in schema "public"
ERROR: pgsql returned with error code (3)
pgsql returned with error code (3)

I've searched the web and can't find any valuable resources to solve my problem.

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