I created a series of points along a line (as a single feature point), in ArcGIS 10.1. I want to know the distance from one point to the next point along a line. I would also like to know the simple near distance.

Does someone know how can I do this? The Near or Point Distance tools do not measure distance along a route, only Euclidean distance.

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If the line you are talking about is indeed a route, then you can use the tool "Locate features along route" - This will give you the measures of the points. The next step I would export the table to excel and then you can use a formula to calculate the distance between each point.

For example =B2-B1, then drag to the bottom.


Here is another option:

  1. Use the Split Line at Point tool

Splits line features based on intersection or proximity to point features.

  1. Open up the attribute table of the output layer of split line and create a new numeric field called "length"
  2. Right click on "length" field and and select Calculate Geometry, feature length

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