We have many rows of multi-ring polygons, displayed on a Flex front end. We need to be able to select a polygon (a row), split the rings for editing, edit them, then combine into one polygon again. I thought we could mulipart to single part, but that requires a whole FC and copies it to a new FC; whereas we want to be able to split, edit then recombine.

I have built a spatial toolset class in Python and am now building the tools for this. But, I must admit, I am struggling to conceive how to do it.

I also have another approach, which would be to select the id of the ring associated with the polygon; i.e., the polygon will have 1..n rings. I don't know the Flex API well, but I am sure you must be able to select the ring id of the polygon and removeRing()?

I am using ArcSDE.


In ArcGIS 10 you can use just the Geometry object in most all ToolBox commands that accept a FC.


I would try this:

select a multipolygon, capture the geometry in a geometry object, explode to single part, edit a part(s), recombine parts, update the geometry of the original multipart polygon

  • This was what I planned. However, when exploding to multipart, you do so to another Featureclass, not the one you're working on. – Hairy Oct 17 '11 at 8:31

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