I have a named map with a variable that allow me to change the css_color value of a layer when I render it using cartodb.js.

I would like to create a static map for this named map but I can't find how pass the color parameter using the map API.

https://myusername.cartodb.com/api/v1/map/static/named/my_named_map/800/600.jpg gives me :

  "error": "Invalid css_color value for template parameter 'color_up': "

https://myusername.cartodb.com/api/v1/map/static/named/my_named_map/800/600.jpg?config={color_up:"#f2bb00"} gives me :

  "error": "malformed config parameter, should be a valid JSON"

I also tried ?color_up="#f2bb00" without success. Any ideas ? There is nothing in the documentation so it may not be possible to pass a parameter at all ?

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