I'm going to do a trip and I want to have a custom map on my website. My idea is to have a map similar to this one for example.

Map with custom buildings

So I need to add images (svg or jpg) to the base map. I want a clean base map, so I don't like using Google Maps for this, that's why I'm trying a more custom approach (apart from learning new things).

I know nothing about GIS yet, but as I developer I'm eager to learn. I've seen two options:

  • With a gis editing program, import a base layer for the area of my trip, edit the layer and add those svgs images. Is it possible to do this with QGIS and how? I fear that it can take too much work.
  • Use something like OpenLayers and add those building images as overlays. I wonder if I can position it well to hide what's behind (I think with the position and positioning parameters it could work).

Which one do you think is a better alternative? Any other option? I can spend some time, but I want to go on the right direction.

  • Might work with png icons and qgis2web – bugmenot123 Aug 10 '15 at 11:34
  • you can use a point layer (with the building locations) and svg (qgis) or png, emf, tif icons for the symbology. – Brad Nesom Aug 10 '15 at 15:31

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