I am installing a tile server from this link on my Ubuntu Machine 14.04. The problem I am facing is in this line :

cd ../OSMBright/
carto project.mml > OSMBright.xml

Whenever I enter 'carto project.mml > OSMBright.xml' it is giving me permission denied error. I have also tried with sudo carto project.mml > OSMBright.xml but still it is giving me permission denied. I am stuck here at this stage and I need to install this server. See I have tried all combination to execute this commandenter image description here. Could anyone help with this?

I tried to post this question on Ubuntu forum but they don't have the proper tags that I am looking for.

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The problem you ran into has nothing to do with carto, it's an issue with your shell command, when you run sudo carto project.mml > OSMBright.xml carto runs as root, but the file write happens as your normal permission level, to do what your looking for you can sudo sh -c "carto project.mml > OSMBright.xml"

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    My reputation is too low to give you thumbs up but I have accepted your answer. I resolved it earlier though, see my answer.
    – python
    Commented Aug 11, 2015 at 17:37

I resolved the error by following these steps:

Step 1- Create a new file OSMBright.xml in the same folder.

Step 2- Type 'ls -l' and see the read and write permission of OSMBright.xml file.

Step 3- sudo Chmod 777 OSMBright.xml and it will change the read/write permission of the file.

Step 4 - Now do sudo carto project.mml > OSMBright.xml and output will be saved in OSMBright.xml file :)


Have a look ath these instructions from a mapbox article:


There is a section with hints for setting right permissions for database access.

Maybe the issue is hidden there?

  • @I resolved it by creating a new file then changed its permission and redirected my output. It worked for me.
    – python
    Commented Aug 11, 2015 at 17:06

Correct. Its the issue with your shell command which can easily be resolved with sudo sh -c "carto project.mml > OSMBright.xml"

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