I have a shapefile in QGIS which has polygons in it . There are several other attributes for each feature .

I want to add another attribute to each feature . The value for this attribute is available to me in a text file . How do i add this column programatically to the existing shapefile's attribute table .

It is not feasible to do it manually as i will have to change the value of that attribute quite often and the number of features are in thousands.

I am open to suggestions to use other GIS software if that fits my requirements.

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The solution that comes to mind is to use a join between your shapefile and the textfile. Its described on this tutorial.

If the attributes values change often, you could use a database backend for your data. QGIS works especially well with PostgreSQL-Postgis databases.

  • I will definitely try that – jps Aug 13 '15 at 8:57

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