I am currently creating story maps to be able to display a 3D scene to users and I am trying to decide which layout works best. Right now I have run into an issue where only certain story maps will allow the main map to be replaced with a URL of a 3D web scene. This is becoming quite difficult to get all of the UI and properties that I want the users to have, while maintaining the 3D component. Is there a list somewhere that can tell me which styles of story maps will support my 3D needs so I can narrow my search down, rather than creating all of these different story maps to find out that it is only supported in 2D format? Right now I know that Journals and Story Map Series are both supported in 3D. Are there any others?


Right now Story Map Journal and Series are the only story map apps that support replacing web page with a web scene. There are plans to improve the experience for adding web scenes into story maps in a future update. Also this FAQ page should help you out with the story maps and the question linked to points out 3D suppport.


When the 4.0 JS API is out in a final state the 3D experience will become more deeply integrated with the story maps.

Cheers Russ

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