I have some feature classes with attachments in personal geodatabase . I want to copy these from personal to file geodatabase automatically using arcpy. I used the code suggested by @Aaron to copy all feautre classes and datasets to file geodatabase.It was great But i couldn't copy attachments using the code.How can i copy the attachments to file gdb using arcpy?

  • Please post your code. Commented Aug 16, 2015 at 0:15

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I have assumed following:

  1. For your feature-classes in mdb, "_ATTACH" suffix is used for only attachment table.
  2. You can further customize this code.
  3. This code needs to be run after all featureclasses (except attachment tables- this script will create attachment table and load relationship classes from the respective table from the mdb into gdb) are moved from mdb to gdb .
  4. It is tested in arcmap 10.3.

    mdb_folder = r'C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\ArcGIS\gissta'
    gdb_folder = r'C:\Users\USER_NAME\Documents\ArcGIS\Default.gdb'
    tables_paths = []
    tables_names = []
    #get all attachement tables in the mdb. 
    for w,d,f in arcpy.da.Walk(mdb_folder):
        for i in f:
            if i.endswith("__ATTACH"):
    #get all featureclasses have attachment tables in the **gdb** then create those tables in gdb and load data in them. 
    for w,d,f in arcpy.da.Walk(gdb_folder):
        for i in f:
            if i in [j.replace("__ATTACH","") for j in tables_names]:
                pth = os.path.join(w,i)
                tbl = pth+"__ATTACH"
                for k in tables_paths:
                    print k
                    if i in k:
                        arcpy.Append_management(inputs=k, target=tbl, schema_type="TEST", field_mapping="", subtype="")
  • Do you have any updates? If i have been of use in your help.
    – Learner
    Commented Aug 17, 2015 at 10:06

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