In QGIS v2.6, I was able to save a vector layer as ESRI FileGDB. However, in v2.8 and v2.10 this no longer seems available.

Am I missing something?

Or why is this no longer available in the standard installation for Windows?

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    It depends on what driver you are using as to whether you can read or write to a FGDB. This answer may shed some light: File Geodatabase (*.gdb) support in QGIS – Get Spatial Aug 17 '15 at 16:28
  • My company's IT department is happy to install QGIS from a standard installation, but they wouldn't go into such advanced installation instructions. Secondly when I tick QGIS and the FileGDB lib, it tries to install a whole bunch of dependent libs, and then halfway through it falls over telling me the download is incomplete. Is there any way I can install just this FGDB lib after I have fully installed QGIS 2.10 the normal way? – TallArnie Aug 18 '15 at 15:40

It is possible to read, edit and create features of a FileGDB in QGIS 3 (maybe also QGIS 2). For Windows you need an OSGeo4W-Installation with the optional FileGDB-Driver (not OpenFileGDB).

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