I run a study on user commuting patterns and I need a data set where each line would be something like:

userID | Timestamp | lat | long

Then, I would like to analyze each user separately and derive insights on his/her commuting patterns. I understand that this kind of data set is rather tricky in terms of privacy, but maybe someone here has an idea?

So far I looked into the following sources:

  1. OSM but here the data points do not contain user IDs (for clear reasons)
  2. Uber in this case, the "user" is a taxi driver and his/her commuting patterns are not interesting for my purposes.
  3. GeoLife looks promising but I fail to download the data set

Any ideas? Sources?


You could try the MIT Reality Mining dataset. It's getting a bit old but it contains information on people moving around to the level of cell tower locations rather than data like you would get from a GPS. You'll probably have to do some work to link cell tower IDs to locations too.

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