I am working under c++ with the qgis API 2.8

In order to make different operation on a canvas like personnalized rotation or selecting a region for zooming, I had to catch different signal like rightclick, leftclick, clicked or dblclick.

I saw in the API online the class QgsMapToolEmitPoint, Does anyone already used it ?


I found the solution A lot of post on stackexchange showme the way to do that

Here a sample extract of the code in c++ :

CMyQgsMapCanvas     * mpMapCanvas;
QgsMapToolEmitPoint         * mpClickPoint;

mpMapCanvas = new CMyQgsMapCanvas( this, NULL);

mpClickPoint = new QgsMapToolEmitPoint(mpMapCanvas);

connect(mpClickPoint ,SIGNAL(canvasClicked(QgsPoint,Qt::MouseButton)),this, SLOT(calcPoint(QgsPoint,Qt::MouseButton)));

// the slot
void MainWindow::calcPoint(QgsPoint pPoint,Qt::MouseButton pMouseBtn)
    qDebug() << "Mouse Click";

Now each you click on the canvas the slot was called. I think that mpClickPoint can be a QgsMapTool cause of inherit of classes

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