I am making my way through learning Mapbox and Mapbox.js. I have loaded my GeoJSON data from a URL:

var featureLayer = L.mapbox.featureLayer()

Now I am trying to parse out the lat and lon coordinates. It makes sense to me to try something like:

var longitude = featureLayer.geometry.coordinates[0];
var latitude = featureLayer.geometry.coordinates[1];

but that is not right.

Should I be using the feature layer or the GeoJSON layer for this?


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L.mapbox.featureLayer() has a getGeoJSON method. For the first feature in the GeoJSON FeatureCollection:

var longitude = (featureLayer.getGeoJSON()).features[0].geometry.coordinates[0];
var latitude = (featureLayer.getGeoJSON()).features[0].geometry.coordinates[1];

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