When I need QGIS only to check up something, opening the QGIS application takes way to long (on my computer: 5 minutes from double cklick on the the project until ready).

I tried QGISCloud which doesn't work. Is there anything similar to just display data and maybe select different layers?

I have approximately 60 point vector layers with 30 objects each. Further a few point layers with 100-300 objects. Further, each point vector goes with a line vector (created with a query) to connect point and label. Last, there are few normal line vector layers and one google maps layer. The project itself is around 4mb.

it might work with the «Export to OpenLayers 3»-Plugin.

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    That completely depends on what you are trying to display. Just want to get a quick glimpse at a GeoTiff - almost any image viewer will work. We really need to know more about your data to be able to answer this question. – Kersten Aug 26 '15 at 8:57
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    It could be an issue with how big your project is... 5 minutes is way longer than it takes QGIS to open to a blank project on my machine. Does the project you're opening already have lots of layers in the contents? How long does it take to just open QGIS (not an existing .qgs project)? – alphabetasoup Aug 26 '15 at 9:47
  • as per alpha-beta-soup suggestion, just open qgis, then open your project. It may not open any faster, but at least you'll see the progress. If you have a large number of plugins, also try qgis --noplugins, might be handy if memory is tight. – Steven Kay Aug 26 '15 at 11:26
  • @alpha-beta-soup: you're right. A blank project takes 10sec max. So I assume it is because of the database. – kevkev Aug 28 '15 at 7:50
  • @Steven Kai. I have no more than 10 plugins. This isn't a large number, though? – kevkev Aug 28 '15 at 7:50

You can use the QGIS Browser for your version of QGIS which (as it says) mainly allows you to browse through your shapefiles by accessing their Metadata and attributes. As it is a browser, it won't load the analytical tools or plugins. It also provides a preview for displaying:

QGIS Browser

Hope this helps!

  • @ Joseph: Does this also work when data is in postGIS? I can choose the postGIS tables but I have specific request (e.g. "only area=1") – kevkev Aug 28 '15 at 7:54
  • @kevkev - Unfortunately I cannot test that (I receive errors for some reason) so I cannot confirm it. There is a search option available when you click the PostGIS tab and tick the Search options. So maybe if you include your expression, it might filter it out...? Apologies for not giving you a definitive answer. – Joseph Aug 28 '15 at 10:55

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