Starting from this question, I need a script to be insterted in the processing graphical modeler that can copy some attributes from the first digitised row in all the newly digitised lines of a polyline vector layer. As said I don't need to copy all the attributes, just 8 attributes (column names are: ALT_0, ALT_1, ALT_2, ALT_3, ALT_4, ALT_5, ALT_Ideale and ALT_propos)

The script has to produce an output in order to be inserted in the next algorithms of my model.

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You can use the following script (save it in Processing Toolbox > Scripts > Tools > Create new script) in the graphical modeler to copy the first row of attributes and apply it to each feature in the input layer.

(Unfortunately I was unable to add a filter for your required fields so hopefully others can provide a solution which completely answers your question).

##Copy shapefile and first row attributes=name
##output=output vector

import qgis
from qgis.core import QgsFeatureRequest, QgsVectorFileWriter, QgsFeature, QgsGeometry, QgsVectorLayer, QgsMapLayerRegistry

layer = processing.getObject(input)
provider = layer.dataProvider()
fields = provider.fields()
writer = QgsVectorFileWriter(output, 'UTF-8', fields, provider.geometryType(), layer.crs(), "ESRI Shapefile")

feat = QgsFeature()
for field in layer.pendingFields():
    name = field.name()
    request = QgsFeatureRequest().setFilterFid(0)
    feat = layer.getFeatures(request).next()
    result = feat[name]

for feature in layer.getFeatures():
    feat.setGeometry(feature.geometry() )

del writer

Script in modeler

Tested this with a simple point layer with the buffer tool and it worked so hopefully it will for you :)

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