I am using MapBox and I would like to render my tiles directly from vector format but I was not able to find how to retrieve the tiles in vector format rather than bitmap.

So, when I use this url:


I get a PNG image with my tile 9/152/191 rendered. What I would like is to retrieve this tile in vector format rather than the rendered image, exactly as I can do it with Mapzen for instance:


But when I use .json instead of .png in the MapBox api, it doesn't work and I was not able to find how to do that in their documentation.

Is there any way to retrieve a MapBox tile in vector format ?


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To download vector tiles you need to be requesting a source, not a style, and the extension is .vector.pbf For example you can download a vector tile for mapbox streets at http://a.tiles.mapbox.com/v4/mapbox.mapbox-streets-v6/1/1/1.vector.pbf?access_token=token


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