How to get the attributes/values of a field COD in an Attributes Table of a Feature Class (picture attached - attr_table) using another field COD_SYMB (which acts as a key-field) in that same attributes table?

In ArcMap, COD_SYMB is the field selected ---> Layer properties for the "Value Field" in the Symbology by categories (match to symbols in a style: picture attached - layer_prop). Code values for the symbology are loaded from a Style File created a priori (picture attached - style_file).

In the Style File ---> field/column "Name" contains the same values of those inserted previously in the field COD_SYMB so they can match.

In the Layer properties we have then: the field/column "Label" shows the attributes of COD_SYMB. And the field/column "Value" contains the color codes ---> COD_SYMB. In terms of style symbolization, we need to compute a way (function/method) to replace the Label with COD_SYMB values by the field COD and its values.... In other words, when values/codes of field COD_SYMB are read, a method gets the correspondent values/codes in the field COD and returns them as Label field (picture attached - layer_prop - attr_tab - style_file relationship representation).

Any help?

I'm working on ArcGIS 10.3.


Is there a way to convert the Symbology by Style into UNIQUE_VALUES to apply this:

UniqueValuesSymbology—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop ---> desktop.arcgis.com/en/desktop/latest/analyze/arcpy-mapping/uniquevaluessymbology-class.htm ?

Pictures illustrating a minimal working example:

attributes_table layer properties + symbolization/style style file layer_prop - attr_tab - style_file relationship representation

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