I want to perform a default task when user opens QGIS but here I am building it as a python plugin so I want a signal or broadcast to call my plugin.

  1. I didn't build QGIS from source
  2. my plugin should be called when QGIS finish loading plugins on start

can anyone help with the documentation I can refer about the broadcasts and calls i can register to.

how should I approach my problem? I have found a help on startup.py but it seems to help run python not run plugins.but tried using it and keep bugging errors like

Couldn't load qgis.user.

Python support will be disabled.

Now my plugin is python/plugin/Loadmap folder in side it there is a file LoadMap.py and I want to run the run method inside it.


in your plugin init() you can add a listener to iface.initializationCompleted signal


then do what you want


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