I currently rely on a mixture of mailing lists, twitter and a couple of blogs.

What do you use for your GIS media intake, and why?

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Slashgeo ceased publication as of June 2, 2015, but apparently continues to share items on Twitter.


Don't forget the GIS Stackexchange!


Adding to few mentioned already:

Might be also worth browsing through RSS feeds of couple of journals. My favourites:


Very nice also the Planet OSGeo: http://planet.osgeo.org/

Planet OSGeo is a window into the world, work and lives of OSGeo members, hackers and contributors.


I heavily check on a few good blogs to be inside the scoop.

  1. Lots of information in GIS Lounge.

  2. Very spatial

  3. Since I am working with ArcGIS products, I read ESRI blogs.

  4. All news and fun things about Google products can be found in Google Maps Mania.

  5. Free tools: http://freegeographytools.com


My favourites:

Gretchen Peterson blog (Cartography)

The Map Room: A Weblog About Maps

Don Boyes blog (Teaching GIS)

TeachSpatial (resources for spatial teaching and learning)

Mapperz (The Map & GIS News finding blog)

My GIS Career

Esri UK blog

GISi blog (403 - Forbidden Error)

Safe Software blog (FME)

ArcGIS Team Python blog


I like the podcasts from directions magazine. I can't really tell how small (or big) they are as a company. I'm from Germany, they don't sell the magazine here.

The podcast is in dialog mode between two editors, and they usually talk about a lot of products, technologies, trends. I liked how they compared their predictions for a calendar-year with the actual results after that year has ended.


I use Feedly, which I believe was the successor of Google Reader, when it ceased to exist. However, I liked Google Reader better, as it was easier to save the read material in different categories.

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