I stored my point date in geometry format with SRID 4326 supposed EWKB (data looks like this "0101000020E610000071F1A611E9392640AECD10D8E68C4A40") = way geometry(Point,4326) I want to have the coordinates in geography format. So what to do? So far I created another column for it:

ALTER TABLE brb_point ADD COLUMN geography geography(POINT,4326);

With this I get the coordinates shown:

ST_AsEWKT(way) from brb_point;

But I do not get along with the second step: populating the new column 'geography' with data from 'way' showing the coordinates with lon, lat. Trials like this led nowhere:

UPDATE brb_point SET geography = ST_GeomFromEWKB((way), 4326); 

I found a similar question here and here, but I'm not sure how to use it in my case.


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UPDATE brb_point SET geography = way::geography;

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