For testing purposes, I deployed geonetwork 3.0.1 on tomcat7 and ubuntu 14.04 with default configuration, especially h2 database.

Now I wanted to switch to postgres and followed the instructions found on several sources, e.g. here:

I edited the file /WEB-INF/config-node/srv.xml, enabling the line <import resource="../config-db/postgres.xml"/>

After that, I created a postgresql user and database 'geonetwork' in postgresql.

Then I changed the default database password in /WEB-INF/config-db/jdbc.properties with the information from the created database and database user and restarted tomcat.

I read here that after configuring this information and starting geonetwork, there would be run sql scripts automatically to initialize database structure for geonetwork.

I cannot find anything changed from my setup with the h2 database before. When I access localhost:8080/geonetwork, there are still layer information that I created in h2 database before. I would guess they would not be transferred.

How can I check, if I successfully started geonetwork with the underlying postgres database?

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I think I got it work now. This was pretty easy actually. I had to restart tomcat by using /bin/shutdown.sh and startup.sh instead of service tomcat7 restart.

After deploying geonetwork.war from scratch, my geonetwork UI was reset and database was filled with tables, so I guess that's it.

  • Some distributions think that the restart option in tomcat is not advisable. But in any case, restart should work if and only if the webapps/geonetwork folder had the modified files updated. Commented Aug 31, 2015 at 7:35

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