I'm making a map on ArcMap and I converted the legend to graphics in order to manually manage my symbols and texts. For instance I want to increase the size of all the points in the legend to the same value. If I ungroup all elements I can then select all points one by one keeping control key pressed and then change the size for all of them in one move. Then I would need to regroup all the elements together in order to be able to move the legend around as a single piece. The problem is I couldn't find a way to select more graphics at once, for example with a rectangular selection. That would save me much time especially when regrouping. Alternatively, is there a faster method to do this whole operation (changing legend items size)?


Just hold the SHIFT Button down while you draw a rectangular over the elements.

Fore more details see the ArcGIS help, Using mouse shortcuts in the table of contents.

Shift+click selects all layers or data frames between two layers or data frames within the same table of contents level.

  • Too simple. There's no challenge in it ;) – Michele Cordini Sep 1 '15 at 8:30

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