I'm a newbie and I'd like to realize a project based on a local OSM with postgis +mapnik +angular and leaflet.

The project requirement is :

An ACME company owns geographically distributed equipment which has to be serviced on expiry date. They already have a postgres "ACME" database with a table "equipment" {eqID,eqcustomerID eqNameid, eqAddress, eqServiceExpiryDate}. ACME database (or just a table "equipment") should be integrated into a GIS system built on a local openstreetmap server by using postgis and mapnik and have a capability to display as markers:

  1. all devices which servicing date is expired
  2. all devices of a specified customer presented by different markers which depends on expire date.
  3. all devices in a specified city/town

So far I got working local mapnik/postgresql server with osm data imported into the postgis database and tested with leaflet.

I know that "equipment" table should be "expanded" by long/lat values. However, I have no idea where I can put equipment data from postgres database in local osm tables and how to present them....

Any help is welcome.


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Instead of merging these two databases (also keep in mind that you might want to prevent creating a derivative database, see the OSM legal FAQ) you could also just draw markers for your equipment on top of existing tiles via Leaflet or OpenLayers by pulling them from your second database.

  • it is a inhouse project, not for publishing public.
    – StudentB
    Commented Sep 4, 2015 at 10:37

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