I have been using GDAL WMS layers to view various base maps in QGIS. I am using this technique rather than OpenLayers because with this I can reproject GDAL WMS layers as needed.

When I get close to the max zoom on my Google layer my images become discolored (sometimes all in blues, other times yellows). I have checked my layer settings to ensure that my color band settings are correct.

I only have this problem when using a Google Maps layer, I have not seen any problems with other GDAL WMS layers.

I have checked for this problem in both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of QGIS on multiple Windows 7 computers. I only observed this problem on the 32 bit version.

Also is there any way to make QGIS log my tile requests?

The layer XML is below:

  <Service name="TMS">   

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